Daoming, Manager

"Estin & Co provides the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally in a dynamic environment where consultants are constantly challenged and supported by peers and mentors. "




Tsinghua University, bachelorís degree in Thermal Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Ecole des Mines de Paris, masterís degree in Management Science

Life outside Estin & Co:
  • Playing ukulele
  • Skiing, swimming, juggling
  • Pursuing my passion for all kinds of new gadgets

Why I joined

My first full-time job was as a junior consultant at Estin & Co. After a few years, I left for a corporate position, in strategy and M&A, but returned as the Shanghai Office Manager. I missed the intellectual challenge as well as the innovativeness of the projects and decided to re-join the firm.
Estin & Co is a boutique consultancy that specializes in strategy, and as such, it provides me with the exceptional opportunity to focus on the most captivating and interesting projects in the consulting industry. I also thoroughly enjoy the company of my colleagues and I truly feel that I improve myself on a daily basis, by working, learning and talking with them, and this makes for a truly amazing professional journey.

Life at the firm

We have one of the best locations in Shanghai with an extraordinary view over the Huangpu River. Each day, this view highlights the continued and rapid change of pace within the Chinese economy and significant opportunities that exist both for Estin & Co and me.
As a result of Estin & Coís unique positioning, I spend my time helping clients on their most pivotal issues, often related to growth and expansion. I also lead business development in China and find this to be a very captivating and rewarding part of my current position. However, the most enjoyable part of for me on a daily basis has to be my bright and interesting colleagues, as well as the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the office.

The daily job

I am in charge of project delivery and customer engagement as well as business development efforts in China, as the office manager in for Shanghai.
One of the best things about Estin & Co, is that it provides an open and clear career path. I started as a junior consultant, mostly spending my time conducting interviews and performing analysis on specific topics and this has transitioned to now focusing on business development, as I have gained experience.