Philip, Senior Manager

"Every project is unique as clients face challenges specific to their company’s position in an industry. Estin & Co’s broad experience, clear focus on strategy and proven analytical tools, allow us to optimally advise each of our clients."


Senior Manager


University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (HSG)
CEMS Master in International Management

Life outside Estin & Co:
  • Sports: basketball, badminton, tennis
  • Travelling: focus on South East Asian countries
  • Cooking: European and Oriental cuisine

Why I joined

I got to know Estin & Co at a company presentation during my final year of studies at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. I was intrigued by its clear focus on strategy consulting while working for international clients all over the world. The wide variety of industries Estin & Co is working for was very appealing to me in order to gain insights into various industry-specific business models and key success factors.

During the application process I was challenged in each interview and met many impressive people with interesting backgrounds, convincing me that Estin & Co was the right choice for me to start my career. Lastly, promising career perspectives further convinced me that Estin & Co offers an environment I can thrive in.

Life at the firm

Being staffed on my first project in my first week at Estin & Co ensured that I was instantly involved in the company’s daily life. At Estin & Co it is all about “learning by doing”, while more senior colleagues are always there to provide guidance and advice. I was impressed by the close interaction within the case teams, where everyone has regular and direct contact with our vice presidents. The learning curve is steep and you are rapidly expected to take on more responsibility. Participating in client meetings and interacting directly with the clients are equally part of life at Estin & Co. Furthermore Estin & Co places a strong emphasis on quantitative analysis on which it bases its strategic recommendations to clients.

I am glad to work in a company with a great atmosphere and good team spirit. The diverse backgrounds of all employees ensure that varying opinions are sufficiently discussed and that all relevant analyses are completed for each project.

The daily job

As a manager it is my job to lead the day to day work on a project, by using my expertise from the vast number of projects I have already worked on. On the one hand, I interact regularly with our clients in order to align and steer the project progress to their fullest satisfaction. On the other hand, I work very closely with the consultants on the project by supporting and directing them in their analysis, challenging and verifying their findings and aligning the different work modules to the overall project goal. Ultimately I have to ensure that we present clear options to the client, with a strong rationale for our recommendations.

Growing up in Japan and Singapore truly makes me appreciate the international orientation of Estin & Co, where no two projects are the same. You are expected to rapidly understand new industries, identify key strategic issues, bring up relevant questions and transfer specific findings from a market to the company of the client.

If you are looking for a challenging environment with strong personal growth perspectives in a results-oriented firm I am sure Estin & Co is the right company for you too!